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Things To Avoid And Remember While Writing Academic Papers

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Swinging between the extremes of either sounding too formal or too informal, students often tend to find the task of writing their academic papers quite stressful. Leaning towards either of the extremes can make the academic paper sound ill-researched and weak. Remembering to stick to the basic rules of writing precisely and clearly is the key to writing a good academic paper. And this article further outlines some of the Do’s and Don’ts that should be followed for academic writing.


  1. Don’t Go Overboard With The Formal Tone

Sometimes students tend to overdo the formal tone in their academic paper in order to sound as if a very esteemed source has written it. However, this often results in overcomplicating the information and gives off the impression that one does not know what they are talking about or doing. Using simple words instead of complex jargon would result in strong and precise arguments within one’s academic paper.

Moreover, one can always take help for academic writing from academic writing services such as The Bulletin Boards, which is an academic writing service in Delhi that provides excellent services. Here, the trained writers are quite versatile, and with their exceptional research abilities, they can easily write academic papers in multiple subjects.


  1. Don’t Use Colloquialisms

Although this point will contradict the above, it is important to keep in mind that one should avoid using informal words that have been normalized within spoken English. Colloquialisms are phrases or words that are used in everyday informal conversations.

What Are Colloquialisms?

A colloquial sentence could be: I got us the seats in that restaurant. You in? Here, “got” and “you in” are colloquized. In academic writing, the reader would want to know this information.

So, instead of this, it is better to be very precise with the information that is shared with the reader of the academic paper, and focus on the most direct ways to deliver one’s ideas to the reader.


  1. Don’t Use Hyperbole

Often, students tend to exaggerate certain examples that they cite, to emphasize an important argument within their paper. One must avoid doing this as it tends to make the text sound fatuous. Moreover, because it is necessary to provide the reader with proof for every statement that is made within the paper, the use of hyperbole completely goes against the goal of providing logical arguments.

Hyperbole Can Be Your Most Amazing Writing Tool in the Entire Universe  (When Used Sparingly) | By All Writes LLC

Instead, one should avoid using poetic exaggerations, and focus or rely on statistical information to support their argument.

Often it is hard to understand the difference between hyperbole and statistical comparisons, but as mentioned above, if one struggles with this, they can easily turn to The Bulletin Boards, which is an academic writing service in Delhi that provides plagiarism-free content which meets the clients’ requirements perfectly.


  1. Don’t Use Personal Pronouns

Within academic writing, one of the biggest irks is regarding the usage of personal pronouns. Their usage does not only make the writing sound informal, but it makes it seem less factual and more opinionated, which it should not be.

46. How to Avoid 'I', 'We' and 'You' | guinlist

Instead, one should use phrases that do not address the reader directly. This means that instead of using phrases like “our government” and assuming that the reader also belongs to the same location as the writer of the research paper, it is better to mention which country’s government is being talked about. For example, “the government of Afghanistan”.



It often takes months or maybe even years for one to find the right tone while writing academic papers. But simply by remembering some basic Do’s and Don’ts that have been mentioned above, one can find the right tone easily. Because writing academic papers can be daunting when one is expected to also score well through the submission of said academic papers, one can always rely on academic writing services such as The Bulletin Board, which is an academic writing service in Delhi that can manage the workload for one easily, while also meeting the assignment deadlines. 


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