The Business In The Pandemic Life Displays Growth

The Business in the Pandemic life displays Growth
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It has been more than a year now since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Since the surge of cases, people were obligated to confine themselves to their homes. This meant conducting business from homes too. Most predictions about the work from home lifestyle were that it would negatively affect the business. Business in pandemic has actually led to growth and development after surveys and studies were conducted.

 The Findings

The HBS Online retained Cambridge and City Square Associates to survey 1500 people working remotely. The CSA group, along with Cambridge, came to find interesting results. All in all, personal productivity was found to be higher with the flexible working conditions. New business ideas during the pandemic were also found to be greater. HBS Online’s managing director of product management, Simeen Mohsen, quoted,” Many of us have Zoom fatigue, Yet, despite not being in the office, many professionals still performed well and were even able to grow in their careers. They somehow rose to the occasion and gave it their all, both as individuals and as teams.

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The Rise In Need Of Digital Marketing Services

Another interesting dimension observed was the increase in the need for digital marketing services. Since the pandemic has restricted movement of all sorts, people conducted most of their business online. From buying groceries to buying shares, all activities were virtual. This led to an increase in competition among similar businesses. People started investing more and more in digital marketing. Companies like the bulletin boards observed an increase in the need for digital marketing services. More and more businesses were looking for partners and services to handle their marketing with SEO integration, website development, etc.

Business in the Pandemic life displays Growth

What’s The Way Forward

Most people are eager to return to their normal lifestyle. However, when it comes to their work-life, people have enjoyed working from home. Most people credited flexibility and comfort as one of the reasons for the shift in preferences. Many people saw more incentives and promotions during the pandemic. Business in pandemic saw more growth than in normal times. Hence, people suggest their companies implement new working routines and consider work from home as a normal way of life now. Before the pandemic had hit, people only worked from home in sickness or due to some important commitments. However, now that it has proven to give better output, more and more people are adopting working remotely as a choice.

There were many personal hardships and heartbreaks for people who lost loved ones due to the deadly virus. Therefore people appreciated the comfort of their homes to deal with the grief and complete work simultaneously.

Business in the Pandemic life displays Growth


The only good thing to come out of the lockdown was a growth of business in the pandemic. People, through surveys and studies, came to the above-stated conclusion. The Comfort of homes and flexibility of working hours helped many people balance work and personal life more effectively.

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