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Terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions along with the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer is published here to administer the use of our website, newsletters and any service/content that is associated with us. By using our services, you agree to abide with the terms (including the Privacy Policy) of this Agreement between you and the website. You may not access any of the services provided by the website if you do not accept the terms and conditions for whatsoever reason.

Restrictions on the website

The content published on the website is protected by copyrights and other rights. Therefore, you shall abide by these rights. You cannot interfere in the working of the site or its infrastructure, try to hack the services, scrap away content or violate the terms in any way. We are rightful to read, access or disclose any information to investigate violations, rectify security issues and satisfy the law or legal process or on request of the government. You cannot submit, upload, download or publish content that is:

  1. Against the intellectual property or other obligations
  2. Harmful, hateful, racial, illegal and private or harm minors
  3. Causing other users to stop using services
  4. Unauthorized or spam messages
  5. Contain malicious software
  6. Contain documents with personal or sensitive information
  7. It poses a threat to the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of India. It also cannot cause insult to the Country or the relationship with other countries.

Collected data and user content

The website collects user data to market products and services. It also collects data from third-party sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Hence, by using the site you agree to share your ID and details like email ID. We may use your ID to send newsletters if you have opted for a subscription. We include new products, services, and other relevant information. You can choose to stop getting these emails or start the service anytime you want.

The user content on the site can be modified and edited according to the preference of the site. You are completely responsible for the user content provided and its consequences whether good or bad after posting. You also agree to provide the user content that does not belong to any third-party organization unless you have permission from their website. By providing user content, you warrant that you do not violate any of the terms and conditions. This also means that the website is discharged for claims, demands and actions rising against the user content.

Intellectual Property Rights

Every content (including videos, pictures, graphs, statistics, and infographics) and services are the property of the company. Therefore, you can use this content for personal or informational purposes alone. We do not allow the infringement of copyrights and intellectual property rights. You cannot use any direct or indirect means of affecting our rules or security license. Any content on the site should not be reproduced, copied or modified. It also cannot be sold to third-party sites for any commercial reason. Any action like that is subject to violation of the rights. As a user, you can add feedback and comments about our services. We will oblige to them and improve services whenever necessary.

Choice of Law and Consent to Jurisdiction

The Agreement here is governed by Indian law. Therefore, you are agreeing for exclusive jurisdiction in the court while using the services, with regard to the issues raised about our services.

Changes in website and terms

We have all the right to change this Agreement according to the need of the website. Additionally, we own all the rights to modify, add, delete any content on the site. We can terminate the services for technical or any other reason temporarily or permanently according to the requirement. In these cases, you cannot claim against us or demand services. We may release a notification before stopping the services. However, the terms and conditions shall survive the termination. If the Agreement is modified yet not updated, then too, the rules will stay in action.



The website contains third-party links, websites or applications. These are all owned by third-party organizations and we are not responsible for the content displayed. If you find it offensive in any manner, you cannot raise a claim against our website or its employees. You may also note that navigating to these sites is subject to your own risks. The use of our website is also at your own risk as we do not warrant or represent the services. We do not warrant the loss of data, accuracy or failure of services.

Hence, by using our site you agree to indemnify us against any kind of damage or loss by the services or as a result of any claim that failed. In case of discretion, we might settle the negotiations, but if it affects our rights then we participate in the claim on written approval only.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy will brief you about the user data collected and how it is used. In case of any query regarding the same, you may contact us. This policy is subject to change and you will be notified about the major modifications.

Cookie policy
Apart from the information collected from you like the login information and IDs, we use cookies during browsing. This cookie is stored on your hardware and identifies the browser whenever you visit the site. This is done to improve the user experience. You can disable these cookies on the website. However, some of the features will not be offered to you when you disable cookies.

Ads and third-party sites
The website collects profile data, transactional data (if necessary), identification data, location data, and marketing data. This is done directly or indirectly by our website.  Other than this, the affiliate links, ads, third-party sites linked to us may collect cookies when you browse their website through us. When you use the linked sites like Facebook also, information available in your account like user ID is collected. Data collected from other sites is done according to their privacy policy only.

Protection of data
The website can share your data with other organizations to perform the required processes like analytics, financial services, marketing, etc. This is done only when proper consent is granted from you. Yet we may produce data without consent to protect the rights of the site on the order of the court of law. We take all measures to protect your data against loss or unauthorized usage. We make sure to maintain the confidentiality of your data by allowing access only to the parties who need them. We instruct them to process your data according to our preference. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of information against data breaches but we will notify you about it. We may proceed with the legal procedures against data breaches and protect your data.