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Terms and Conditions

The provision of 'The Bulletin Boards' services to its clients, employees, or involved individuals will be subjected on the basis of the below-mentioned agreement between 'The Bulletin Boards’ and whomsoever. These terms and conditions enlist the services discussed on our platform within the project, and work orders will be managed accordingly. Please read this document carefully prior to proceeding to our website or service usage. Also, you accept/agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of our company.

If you do not accept the agreement, we can limit your access and close the service agreement without prior notice. If you are registering with our website then it is expected from you to submit the following material on our platform. We ask you expressly to agree to the following terms and conditions:

The Contract

The Bulletin Boards deals professionally with its clients and employees in a timely and favorable manner. By engaging with our website the concerned person will be accepting our terms and conditions. An independent contractor bond will be created between us and our clients and no partnership or any other joint venture will be intended to be applied by either party. The date of commencement of our website and its services will be agreed upon by the involved parties and the amount will be applicable up to the date. We may provide a monthly performance report of our services to clients and we may choose to not offer the same. Before prior notice, either party cannot cancel or transfer the expected service responsibilities to another vendor or service provider. We reserve the right to share or subcontract with third parties for fulfilling some of the service tasks. Any person who is not involved in the contract does not possess the rights under or in direct connection with the same.


If clients are availing regular services from our company, they are obliged to pay the chargeable amount prior to accessing our services or commencement of work. If we have agreed upon a fixed quote to our client regarding the services then they are liable to pay 30% of it in advance and prior to the commencement of work the remaining amount has to be paid within 7 days of the start date of the services. If clients do not pay for the invoices when they are due, we hold the right to terminate our services immediately without issuing prior notice.


The Bulletin Boards is not liable for any consequential or indirect losses due to any delay in the obligated deliveries of our services where the delay may be because of any natural or unmanageable causes. Considering the nature of social media any information or content offered by the clients to our company for publication may remain accessible by the public until it is carried out. We are not responsible for screening the content or material for any damages to it due to the nature of the content or information being published.

Intellectual Property Rights

The clients/users/visitors acknowledge and agree upon that they shall never have any interest in our intellectual property rights as a result of the continuous or disrupted use of our services. Any of the intellectual property used and embodied in direct or indirect connection with our services will remain the sole property of The Bulletin Boards license and no other title/extension/modification or intellectual property shall pass on to the customer. The customer or client acknowledges all the title, interests, or rights and shall not take any action or proceed to jeopardize or to limit in any manner our company’s interest or rights with respect to our services. We represent the work or project offered to the client and during the course of the offering, our services under the agreement will become the sole property of the client and us. We shall extend the services within our service extension. 

Every piece of content (including videos, pictures, graphs, statistics, and infographics) and services are the property of the company. Therefore, you can use this content for personal or informational purposes alone. We do not allow the infringement of copyrights and intellectual property rights. You cannot use any direct or indirect means of affecting our rules or security license. Any content on the site should not be reproduced, copied, or modified. It also cannot be sold to third-party sites for any commercial reason. Any action like that is subject to violation of the rights. As a user, you can add feedback and comments about our services. We will oblige them and improve services whenever necessary.

User License

By accessing this website you agree to comply with the applicable terms and conditions of our company. If you do not agree with the mentions, you will be prohibited from using or accessing our website. Permission is only granted to temporary access to some materials or copies of them for personal or commercial viewing. It is regarding the license but not the transfer of title and under this agreement you may:

  • Not modify or copy our content or materials
  • Not access or use the materials for the commercial requirement for public viewing
  • No attempt to reverse or decompile the software contained on our website
  • Not remove the copyright for essential proprietary laws from the material
  • Not transfer the content to another person or a platform
The user license shall automatically get terminated if you violate any of the above-mentioned restrictions by our company at any time. Upon the termination of these materials or licenses, you can destroy the downloaded materials or content in your possession either in electronic format or printed format.

Changes In The Website

We reserve the right and possession in its sole discretion to modify, change, add, or eliminate any portion of our services and its uses in whole or in a segment at any time. The changes in our services will be effective when the notice regarding the same is posted. The continuous use of our website after certain changes to the terms of users will be considered acceptable for the changes. We may terminate, suspend, change, or discontinue any aspect of our website including its features and accessibility at any time. We may impose limitations on the available features or services on our website or restrict user access to them in parts or whole without any prior notice or liability. We may terminate the rights, license, or authorization mentioned above and upon any such termination, the User shall immediately destroy the content and materials.

Choice Of Law And International User

The Bulletin Boards is entirely operated, controlled, and administered by our offices within India and we make no certain representation of the materials on this website that are available to the users of other locations than India who access them from different territories where it is illegal or prohibited. The user may not use our website or export it’s content in violation of any such law or regulations. However, if you access the website from a location outside of India, then in certain conditions you are solely responsible for compliance with the regional law and regulations. The terms of use of our website are governed by the laws of India without offering the effect to the conflict of specific provisions. You agree that the particular Indian court will have exclusive jurisdiction and regulation to solve all such conflicts arising under the terms of use and you consent to the personal law in such a forum.

The terms of use of our platform constitute the agreement between our website and client with respect to the use of our services. Any specific cause of action that the user may have with respect to the website usage is commenced with the cause of its arising or claim. If for any valid reason a court of jurisdiction finds a provision of the terms of use or its portion to be unenforceable, the provision will be in force to its maximum extent permissible to affect the intent of terms of use and parse the remainder of its continuation in full force or effect.

At certain times we may revise our terms and conditions by updating the clients and users. As you are bound to our terms and conditions policy you should, therefore, remain updated or consider visiting our website periodically by clicking the copyright hyperlink or disclaimer option at the bottom of the website to review the updated terms and conditions. By accessing this website and reading its content and email id you agree to our terms and conditions listed on the web page other than the terms discussed and agreed with you in person as per our company's choice or discretion. 

Privacy Policy
The privacy of our clients, visitors, employees, and end-users is extremely important to us and this privacy policy is to inform you about the data that we may collect from you and how it is used or disclosed. By accessing our website you are acknowledging or accepting its regulatory practices and information mentioned in this policy on our website.

Sharing Information

Our company does not sell, purchase, or rent personal information or identification of the users to others. However, we may share generic aggregated demographic data or information that is not linked to the personal identification of our users, clients, or employees regarding our business partners, advertisers, or trusted affiliates. We may disclose the customer information for data with third parties to perform the services on behalf and you also obtain the consent for sharing the information if required legally. 

We may disclose personal identification information whenever required by law or under any good faith belief if the action is necessary. We may cooperate with the investigation of any purported or illegal activity to protect the rights of the public and our website. If a user has voluntarily submitted their information on our public forum in a comment or feedback then it may be collected and used by other visitors as well and we have no control over how the visitors or a third party may use publicly accessible data or information.

Web Browser Cookies

We use cookies in order to enhance the user experience of our website. A cookie is basically a segment of data that is placed on the user’s hard drive for storing or record keeping the purpose of websites and it may sometimes track your information. The user of our website can choose to set their web browser to ‘accept’ or ‘reject cookies’ or to ‘alert’ if they are sent. While doing so it is important to know that some segments of the website may not function efficiently, however, the usage of a cookie is not directly linked to any identifiable content or information on our website.

Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain third-party websites or links including our services and websites to the potential partners, service providers, suppliers, sponsors, licensors, partners, or other third parties. Hence we do not entirely control the content or web links that may appear on this website and we are also not responsible for the actions or practices employed by the websites linked to or from our platform. All these websites or services may have their own policies and terms and conditions or customer services. Browsing or interacting through any other website including the websites that are linked to our website is subjected to the website's predefined terms and conditions or privacy policy.

The Bulletin Boards may make some modifications or changes to its privacy policy at our own discretion. Whenever we do so, we will quickly revise the updated information at the bottom of our page and encourage the visitors to frequently visit our page or check for the updates in order to stay informed about our privacy policies and how we facilitate protecting the personal information that we collect from the users. By using our website you shall acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to review the privacy policy regulatory and remain aware of the modifications or changes.

The content or information on The Bulletin Boards website is offered 'as is'. We make no guarantee for the expression for warranty and hereby employ and negate other warranties as well. It is including the implied warranties or specific conditions to meet the purpose of intellectual property rights or other violation rights. We do not make any representation considering the precise results or the relevancy of using the materials on the link to our website. 

Our website may contain any typographical errors or inaccuracies. We express the disclaimer about the obligation to update our website or its content and do not provide the warranty of its accuracy or reliability around any opinion or advice displayed throughout it. You acknowledge that your reliance upon any such statement, memorandum, information, or content shall be at your individual risk. We reserve the right and possession in its sole discretion to correct the errors and omissions if present. We are obliged to make the changes to our web site’s material and products described (if any).