Rock and Roll and The Devil Mystery

rock n roll
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“Hello, Satan I Believe its time…To Go…” This rock and roll and the devil mystery lyrics are haunting and so is the legend it associates too. Perhaps, It was a self-prophecy. When Robert Johnson sang the song, with the cigarette dangling from his lips and his long, slender and strange fingers strumming at the guitar.

If you listened closely to Robert Johnson’s Rock and Roll music compositions, you might believe that there are two people playing; a misconception which leads to the belief that he was, in fact, assisted by the ‘devil’ himself. But that is what the ‘Blues’ are all about. They make you believe in supernatural power. The strange sense of seductive melancholia As the lyrics, glide through your emotions and evoke a pain so beautiful that you never wish to part from. This is the ‘Blues’ for you and Robert Johnson or the mystery surrounding his life and death have further romanticized the music genre.

The origin of Rock & Roll

The origins of the early age of rock and roll the 1950s have a lot to do with the Blues. One can easily state that the Blues gave birth to the ‘happy child’ called the ‘Rock’n’Roll; a term which roughly translates to indulging in reckless intimacies. The Blues have originated from the endless hours of long hard work at the plantations. The Blues is the call of pain or the holler to the others around, by the African-American slaves as they toiled away their lives under torturous conditions. This is the music of the soul, when it cries from above the body to the higher entity, to declare the unfairness of life.

Blues by Robert Johnson

Back to the Robert Johnson story, well the man was a mystery and led a life of uncertainty till the very end. He was a nobody in Mississippi, who simply hung around with the more popular ‘Bluesmen’ of the Delta. Known to have no address, many names and as many personalities, Robert Johnson’s only true identity was the way he played the Blues on his guitar. But this was after he ‘sold his soul to the devil’, in exchange for a name, fame, and talent which lasts for eternity. Or so they say.

His music and his legacy were ‘dug-out’ from the graves almost thirty years later by the Rock and Roll artists to study the fine art of music. In fact, most of the artists to date take to study the Blues by Robert Johnson to be able to ‘play it right’. And, some also ‘sell their souls to the Devil’ just the way Robert did, in exchange for immortal talent and fame. The likes of Rolling Stones have revived the Blues like ‘love in vain’ by Johnson into a modern version. Johnson is long gone, but his music is worshipped today. People often wonder, ‘who invented rock and roll?’ well, ask the devil himself.

During the Mid 60s and 70s this era gives birth to many legends like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd and many more. This music Rock and Roll, Country music, Jazz And  Pop culture is cult among the people’s memory.

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