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Pay Per Click/Google Ads/Leads generation

PPC also known as Pay Per Click, is an internet marketing model according to which advertisers are required to pay a certain fee every time their ads have been clicked on. PPC lead generation is creating marketing software to get paying customers. We at The Bulletin Boards offer expert solutions to all your PPC needs and much more.

Google Ads

Google Adwords is a system where advertisers bid for the highest appearing keywords which will allow their ads to appear on top results. The top bidder wins the bid and has to pay the fee which allows their ads to appear on the top ranking, thus better visibility. With some of the best professionals in the field associated with us, we offer expert advice on how to navigate through the Google Ads system in order to enhance your results.

Leads Generation

TBB Lead generation services include multiplying the qualified leads in B2C and B2B markets. This includes increasing the contact between the customers and the website. The generation of leads is done by analyzing the interest of the audience. The leads are converted into customers by the CRM team through campaigns and contests.

4 Steps to Successful PPC

1. Analyzing the quality, creativity, and competition

We scrutinize the quality of the relevant keywords to increase PPC. We create good quality ads that increase the clicks. Good content is also required to generate interest over the page.

2. Keywords research​

The team researches the relevant keywords that are top-ranking and also related to the web theme.

3. Managing the PPC campaigns

PPC services include campaigns where audience interest is generated and channelized towards attracting traffic.

4. Grow the audience

With our PPC marketing services, spark the interest of the audience and also create a loyal base in a rightful manner. We further strategize the growth of the current audience base.

At The Bulletin Boards, you can rest assured that we settle for only the best when it comes to offering excellent lead generation services for better functioning on the web.