How to write content? Even when you lack the ideas

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A writer’s block is undoubtedly the most common problem and horrid problem in today’s content-driven world. An infinite number of websites produce and publish content daily as part of their marketing strategy. Hence Content development for SEO is surely the trickiest business out there. So many writers write thousands of words every day. However, it is impossible to create new ideas every second like it’s a piece of cake. In reality, it can be as hard as rocket science.

Even the best and widely acclaimed writers have experienced a lack of ideas from time to time. But what can one do when it’s their job to create content every day? The answer is quite simple. One has to prepare an emergency toolbox. This emergency tool kit is usually strategies content development companies can use to deal with problems such as writer’s block, lack of fresh content, lack of ideas and so on.

The Emergency Toolkit for Content development for SEO

1.Curate Content-

The oldest trick in the book for lack of ideas would be to curate content. Whenever a writer feels that he or she is unable to produce new content, they can do a feature list. All they need is to choose the top five or top ten websites that have related articles published, feature them and justify the choice. The websites will surely appreciate the feature and the content created would be exhaustive and informative at the same time.

content ideas

2. Ask the Audience-

Whenever a writer faces writer’s block, the best resource could be their own audience. Doing an audience poll, or a simple what would you like me to write about can bring out a plethora of content. Also since the content was suggested by the audience itself it will be well received and any content writing agency in Delhi or elsewhere can use it wisely.

content daily development

3.Feature Guest posts-

There are thousands of content development companies out there. Some are big and some small. Therefore an agency can invite writers from a different agency to write a guest post or a collaboration in order to find more suitable content. This gives a great chance to promote as well as make good relations with competing firms.


4.Create a best and worst-case study-

People who look for information on the internet are always looking for examples. Any article that can tell them the pros and cons and the to do and not to lists are usually their favourites. This makes content development for SEO easier as a writer can now simply write the best case study and the worst examples to help the readers understand anything better.

content development for seo ideas

5.Write reviews-

Any content writing agency in Delhi and else could testify to the fact that people rely on reviews like anything. Therefore one of the easiest and efficient ways to create content would be to write reviews about products, services, places and so on. These reviews help people make choices and they will surely become loyal reader to any website.

content ideas for writers

6.Explain Your Journey-

The best way to attract an audience is to talk about personal experiences. This helps them relate to the content a company produces and also makes an emotional connection. Explaining the steps taken to build the website or the company. The hardships, the failures, the success makes it all real and soon the content is not just in virtual reality but a real image for the audience.

 writing ideas

7.Mix and Match-

the newest idea on the block is to mix and match. This does require some creativity however it is a lot easier than creating a new idea altogether. In this technique, a writer can take two different ideas and show how well they go together or not. This will create something entirely new with lesser effort and an exciting piece for one’s website. This makes content development for SEO a more manageable job if a company produces tons of content every day.



With this, we looked at seven of the most interesting ideas to create content. Surely there can be thousands of companies hiring lakhs of employees who work as content writers but the amount of content will always be limited. Therefore finding content can be a difficult job. But there is no need to worry as an emergency toolkit for content development for SEO can make writing an easy job. 


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