Home Office Color Ideas To Boost Your Productivity

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COVID-19 has forced most of us to work from home. But working from the confines of our home can get exhausting after a while. So it is important that we make the best of this situation and try to stay focused. Various colors affect our moods in different ways. So having the right colors in our rooms, especially the home office, has never been more important than now.

Home Office Color Ideas

Below are some colors that boost your mood and productivity, and tips to incorporate them into your home offices.

1. Red

Along with love, passion, and desire, red is also associated with energy. So along with giving your room a romantic feel, red can also brighten it. This makes it the perfect color for you to incorporate into your home office.

Works for- Those who have a night-shift job

Tip- Be careful not to have too much red in your room, as it can get overwhelming for you. Mix it up with other colors. Have your walls in red and furniture or curtains in white, yellow, or even black for a bold touch, or vice versa. Or you could just have a red ceiling or lights.

home decor, The Bulletin Boards,

2. Green

Green is associated with prosperity which is a no-brainer reason why you must have it in your home office. It boosts creativity and innovation, calms you down, and balances your mind. It also improves your concentration and reading ability.

Works for- Those who work on computers for a long time and whose job involves paying attention to fine details.

Tip- Pair green with white to give your room a pleasant look, or with grey for an edgy look, or brown for an earthy look by having wooden furniture for example. Plants can also be the green element of your room. They provide freshness to it and also promote your good health, thereby improving your productivity. You can have plants on the floor or wall-mounted. Succulents are small water-retaining plants perfect to have indoors.

3. Yellow

The color of sunshine which is synonymous with life, energy, and optimism, yellow energize you without being too overwhelming. It also adds a fun pop of color to your room. It is associated with creativity, promotes clarity of thinking, speeds up decision-making, and raises self-esteem, which makes it an important color to have in your home office.

Works for- Those who work in fields like art, marketing, and writing

Tip- Avoid having too much yellow in your room as it can cause you frustration. Have a small space or just one element in yellow. Pair it with other bright colors like pink, green, orange and red, or with darker colors like black or grey to give your room an edgy look.

4. Blue

A cool color, blue is actually called a “productive” color. It calms you down by slowing your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. It stimulates your mind and improves concentration. And what’s more, Pantone, a color standards company has declared classic blue, a shade of blue as 2020’s color of the year – so if you like to stay on top of trends, this is the perfect color for you to incorporate into your home office right now!

Works for- Those who do mind-work like banking, finance, or accounting, or administrative work

Tip- Blue is an earthy color and goes well with other earthy colors like orange, green, grey, and brown. You can have blue walls with furniture and accessories in the rest of the earthy colors. Or you could have an exposed brick wall with blue furniture and accessories.

In The Nutshell

So, when you are deciding on a color for your home office, it is important that you consider the look of your house decor along with how color is affecting your mood so that it doesn’t hinder your productivity. As we also know that a Delightful decoration spread positivity and activeness. Follow the above-mentioned tips to create productive home offices for yourself.

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