Graphic Design & Media

Graphic and Media Design is an essential aspect of digital marketing as it helps process a better overall design. Today in the developing world, a graphic design is very important to demonstrate the entire process in any organization. This ensures that you need not spend much time analyzing the next few steps for every new project. 

The entire process of Graphic designing is quite standardized, however, a few innovations down the line always helps in a better outcome. We at The Bulletin Boards are focused on offering our clients the very best of designing expertise along with our experience in the field for the same. We ensure that the resulting graphic media of the website is in sync with the vision of your goal.


1. A creative brief about expectation

Our professional team understands the client’s needs, information about the company and the expectations.

2. Brainstorming

Here our expert graphic designers generates ideas, understands the client and the result expected.​

3. Creating rough sketches

With the traditional method of using the sketch pad which will enhance your productivity and improve the focus is displayed.

4. Generating the graphics

This involves our graphic designer to share the idea with the clients. After finalization, we start working on the final draft by utilizing our graphic resources.

5. Presentation & Feedback

The final presentation is done and is followed by revisions if required. Proper updates about any changes should be informed timely.

6. Design Improvement

This includes refining the graphic designs after feedback and changes as requested and required.

7. Design Improvement

This includes refining the graphic designs after feedback and changes as requested and required.

The Bulletin Boards Specializes In 

Print Design

Flyer/ Banner/ Poster





/Menu design

Newspaper ad/advertisement design


/occasion invitation card

Graphic Design

Graphics design

Powerpoint design

Photoshop design


Infographics design

3D Design

Art & illustrations Design

illustration/art design

books/E-book cover

Character/tattoo design

Card design

Merchandise Design

T-shirts/apparel design

Bags & cases design

Stationery design

Cup & mugs design

Packaging design

Merchandise/goodies design

Logo & Brandings 

Logo design

Visiting cards


Label design

Signage design

ID/name card design

Web Design

Email design

Newsletter design

Banner Ad design

Landing page design

Blog Design/Wordpress Design

UI/UX design

App design

Ecommerce design

Moving pictures are also into the limelight

Today, the websites do more than simply share information. While images and videos are attached accordingly, various features like GIFs, Video editing, Promotional video, and YouTube make the website more interactive and informative. We at The Bulletin Boards, a graphic & media design company takes special care to it. We fulfill all the needs of various video media. 


Video Editing

Promotional video

Commercial/ Youtube Video