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Easy Tips For Instagram Algorithm To Gain 1K Followers Within A Week

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Gaining traction over Instagram can be fairly easy for most individuals as it is a visual content platform, however, for businesses that do not utilize visual content, it can be a little tricky to get the followers to read the business’s content. Therefore, this article tries to highlight some of the tips that can be used even by non-visual content businesses to get an online presence on Instagram easily. 

  • Asking without hesitation

Because Instagram tends to not display one’s latest post to every follower, putting the post on one’s story and then asking people to go check it out can be very beneficial as it displays that one has confidence within their content and also that they do care about the content that the business is putting out and having professional creative digital agencies in India, such as The Bulletin Boards, which is one of the best Instagram marketing services in Delhi, delivering good quality content while fully committing to the clients at affordable services will allow one to stand out from the competition.

  • Interactive stories 

Bring more interactivity to your Instagram Stories ads |

Creating multiple unique Instagram stories can be beneficial in generating traffic as the audience can interact with the content with much ease and does not tend to get bored quickly. Moreover, one can turn towards social marketing services for help as well to produce highly focused performances. For example, The Bulletin Boards (one of the best Instagram marketing services in Delhi), which produces good quality specific content for their clients increasing their Instagram presence. Furthermore, simplicity is preferred as the most engaging content on Instagram. One does not need to go overboard with editing or spending more on editing instead of focussing on self-involvement with their content.

  • Responding to comments

Often when one wants to promote engagement and increase traffic, interacting with audiences over different options tends to be the best solution. So, if one engages and responds to comments, their chances of befriending other business content creators and gaining their support strengthens. 

  • Understanding the algorithm 

Because Instagram’s algorithm tends to fluctuate quite heavily the best way to get support for one’s content is through network building. Once one has a stable interacting network, one can reach out to accounts with a large following and then ask them to interact with one’s most recent posts. This makes the Instagram algorithm generate traffic towards one’s business and makes one gain the audience base of other big accounts as well. 

  • Going live

Instagram wants you to “Go Live” with a friend |

Having interactive sessions on Live and answering questions that one might have regarding the business. Therefore, these frequently asked questions tend to generate an interactive environment and establish a friendly presence of the brand in front of its audience. Having a person with good online charisma will always benefit a business to avoid awkward live silences. 



To conclude, despite all the tricks that the article has mentioned, one thing which truly will make Instagram following consistent is self-experimentation. Looking at insights constantly to understand when one’s audience comes online or interacts the most with which type of content can be the most beneficial boost one can gather for their business growth over Instagram. 

However, maintaining this constant interaction might seem hectic to many, so they can simply turn towards Instagram marketing services such as The Bulletin Boards, one of the best Instagram marketing services in Delhi, that one can easily reach out to. 


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