If you think about it, the importance that food has in our lives is noteworthy. Our food represents our lifestyles, traditions, desires, and beliefs. The role of food is tough to elaborate on; however, its value can be explained with regards to art. Our world is blessed with the art of making food. Thousands of different dishes can be found in even the smallest states of the world. The flavors of food vary from culture to culture to differentiate every group. Food goes around the world, uncovering food to one nation, and so forth. Art can be witnessed in many different ways, but at Eat and Explore we believe that art can be witnessed in food due to its daily influence and history on each living soul.

Our “Eat’N’Explore” platform aims at curating the best blog content for the must-have foods around the world. People have had many thoughts about food, and we on our board “Eat’N’Explore” have tried to write them down in the form of blogs for our audience.

In our “Eat’N’Explore” board, you can get a sneak-peek into the world’s cultural insights and gain knowledge about the magnificent flavors of food. Sometimes just reading and indulging in the art of food is more than relaxing, so be sure to try it with Eat and Explore.

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Famous Indian Dishes, It sounds weird at first but it’s true. Surprisingly many dishes found in Indian cuisine have not necessarily originated in India. Not

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