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Best Tips For SEO For A Better Views & Rankings

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SEO improvised content is the only site that will be visible to the users. The reason is that google office would check your content and then rank your websites according to the material and words used in the site. So if you have an idea of starting a website or your current one does not have any views, make sure you go through your content again after following all these points.

Further, it would be better if you consult an SEO company in Delhi or an SEO agency in Delhi.

This is just not clickbait. Using these tips will surely increase your views:


  1. Use Keywords In The Right Places


5 Tips on Choosing the Right Keywords

The importance of keywords is known to all. But, where you should add it is not known to many. Your content would appear SEO content rich once you put the keywords in the right places. It would be better if you use the suggested keywords too when it is available in all search engines. Adding the words in your title and the first 100 words is crucial.


  1. Keep Users On Your Site Longer

How to Keep Users on Your Site Longer - Boxwood Digital - ECommerce SEO Agency

Reading a bulleted list is always better than a long detailed paragraph. Hence, when your content is easy for the readers to read and understand, people will certainly spend more time on your site.


  1. Filtering your pages

How do the top ecommerce sites display filters on their listings pages?

There would be many ads/sites on your site that could be blocking you from getting that 150k+ views. These pages are normally known as zombie pages as they have no said use and simply stay there. Removing such pages would increase your visitor rate. But, ensure that you do the same with the guidance of professionals in an SEO company in Delhi.


  1. Industry study

Industry study is useful for providing the reach needed for your website. An SEO agency did the same and found that within less than a year they were able to get the required 900 backlinks. But this procedure can be tiring at times. Hence, it is advisable to visit the SEO agency in Delhi.


  1. Add Related Keywords to Your Content

Your step-by-step guide to content marketing keyword research

The google hummingbird is something that is not known to many. When the google analyzer checks for the keywords in your site, it reads through your content and understands the topic of your page. Hence, when a user tries to search for a topic if your site has required keywords and appropriate and apt content, then your site will be visible. For this, the page creators need to check for the related words of the said topic and add them to their content.

  1. Eye pleasing, sounds, and much more for your content

A plain sheet of paper will never do magic. The same goes for your site too. Many site creators forgot the fact of adding visuals that match perfectly with the theme and topic. Picking the right picture will increase your site visitors. We experimented with the power of visuals and related links to podcasts with their content. And there was a striking difference of about 150% increase in their content visitors. But while doing this, it is better to get guidance from an SEO company in Delhi, since unwanted visuals or audio would do the opposite for your site.


  1. Speed Up Your Website

Top 11 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Website: Sprink Digital

A slow website damages your google ranking. Google’s “Speed Update” downranks the websites that take time to load. A study done by an SEO company found that users using CDN and 3rd party scripts (like Facebook’s pixel) reduce the site speed. Hence, it is recommended to test the website speed while turning it on and off and to discard the scripts using tools like that are not relevant or important to you for increasing the speed.


  1. Everything can be changed into something interesting

If the topic is boring then following all the SEO rules would be of no use, even though your content is filled with all the required details. Hence, for such topics, users should use the Shoulder Niches trick where content is created around topics related to it. While doing so, people subconsciously will check if your content is linked to what the other person is searching for and hence increase your visit rate.


 SEO-rich contents are not only enough to make your site clickable, there are many points to look out for. These are just a few points. Seeking guidance from an experienced SEO company in Delhi will help you to get the perfect rank and visit rate.


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