Best SEO-Friendly Ecommerce Platforms

best SEO - friendly Ecommerce platforms
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All ecommerce websites must be optimized for proper functionality. To build your own ecommerce website, you must choose one of ecommerce platforms that is SEO-friendly. Most ecommerce development companies in Delhi  agree that the first step to building a successful website is choosing the right platform. With the sheer number of platforms available, choosing the ideal one can be difficult. So, here are some of the best ones available.

Best SEO-Friendly Ecommerce Platforms

  1. Magento

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce development platforms used across the globe. It is a fully customized platform that comes recommended by many ecommerce development companies in Delhi.


  • Easy to Customize – Although it can be a little challenging to use, this platform is completely customizable. It is open-source and can be modified as required.
  • SEO-friendly – This platform allows you to optimize your ecommerce website by adding in the necessary coding to make it more discoverable.


  • Requires Coding Language – This platform requires users to know coding. As a result, you may have to hire developers with extensive coding knowledge to create your website.


  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another leading ecommerce development platform used extensively by companies. If you are in need for ecommerce development in Delhi, this platform offers some amazing features. 


  • Flexibility – For those without coding experience, it offers features that helps you build the site easily. This also helps reduce the cost of hiring experienced developers.
  • Easy Optimization Features – BigCommerce allows you to make your website mobile-friendly, helping you reach more users. Other features like 301 redirects and SEO helps strengthen your online store.
  • User-friendly Payment Gateways – This platform offers more than forty payment gateways for your users.


  • Expensive – Using BigCommerce can get slightly pricey. It enables you to make about $400,000 sales per year. But for every $200,000 sales, it will cost you an extra $150 a month.
  • Slow Loading – Very often, pages on BigCommerce load very slowly, frustrating the users.

big commerce

  1. Volusion

Volusion is considered one of the most SEO-friendly ecommerce development platforms available today. For ecommerce development in Delhi, this platform helps you build a site that can readily sell products.


  • SEO-Ready – This platform offers features like 301 redirects, URL customization and other features that increases the search engine rating of your website.
  • Beginner Tutorials – Volusion provides easy instructions and tutorials for first time users. This makes it easy to use.


  • No Blogging  – Since blogging is necessary for SEO, Volusion has a major drawback this way. If blogging is important for your online store, Volusion would not be a great choice.
  • Slow Loading – Volusion has regular issues with slow loading pages. This can make the shopping experience cumbersome.

Volusionecommerce companies in Delhi

  1. Squarespace

Many ecommerce companies in Delhi recommend the use of Squarespace. This is because it has more than a hundred flexible templates that help build online stores.


  • Blog-friendly – This website allows blogging on your ecommerce website. As a result, it improves your user engagement and SEO features.
  • Mobile-responsive – Most netizens now use mobile browsers for online shopping. Hence, it is important to make your website mobile-friendly, with the help of Squarespace.
  • Great Community Support – If users  get stuck on a feature, the Squarespace community will back you up. The large community is very helpful with troubleshooting your website.


  • Lacks Essential Features – It lacks certain features like autosave or undo changes that makes the development process frustrating.
  • Unsuitable For Big Websites – Big websites require deep navigation hierarchy. This is a feature that Squarespace lacks. So, big websites should avoid them.


  1. WooCommerce 

Users who are familiar with WordPress can easily use WooCommerce. This platform efficiently transforms your WordPress site into an ecommerce store. If you don’t have a WordPress website you can easily create it by following this simple guide. It has some good features that makes it a worthy choice for many ecommerce companies in Delhi.


  • Customizable – This platform makes it very easy to customize your WordPress site. The numerous plug-ins make it easy for developers to transform your online store.
  • Good Tech Support – WordPress being open-source, has many developers working on it. Hence, WooCommerce has a huge tech support community behind it.
  • Easy SEO – It boasts of features like URL optimization, 301 redirects, mobile optimization, blogging and other digital marketing services.


  • It Takes Time To Learn – Unlike other platforms, WooCommerce can take some time to be mastered. Users must be familiar with WordPress to use it.
  • Individual Plug-in Downloads – Although there are some good plug-ins available on WooCommerce, they need to be downloaded individually. If you need quick ecommerce web design in Delhi, this can be a hassle.

woo commerce ecommerce platforms

Conclusion on Ecommerce Platforms

These are some of the best SEO-friendly, ecommerce development platforms available today. Decide the features that your stores require, first, before choosing the platform. For further assistance on ecommerce web design in Delhi, approach a good development company that can cater to your needs. Being the best web designing company in Delhi, The Bulletin Boards believe in providing solutions that intensify an organization’s specific needs. The end-to-end web development solutions . Ranging from website development on WordPress to website development e-commerce are tailored-made to meet the specific industry needs of the clients. The Bulletin Boards is a full-service website development company in Delhi with a skilled team of web developers. From web designing to WordPress development, our services cover all of your requirements and build a robust identity for your brand.

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