After-Effects Of Pandemic- Coronavirus

after-effects of Pandemic
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As we are within the tight grasp of the pandemic of COVID-19 all over the World, we have to make plans about how to recover from this after the pandemic blows off. The after-effects of Pandemic – Coronavirus will be soon reflected in the whole world in different forms. There are plans to be made, budgets to be chalked out and schemes to be executed. All of these will be difficult after this lockdown as the world will see a very huge economic regression as the lockdown melts down.

Ordeals of this pandemic

Of course, it is very important to manage the available resources for now but you must have a basic idea about how you can deal with the raw world after the pandemic is over. It is also important that you regain your mental strength to fight against odds. Let us check out a few of the ordeals which we can face and how to overcome them.

1. Mental health

The concept of social distancing has been instrumental in changing several emotional structures all over the world. The fact of being together in spite of being separated in each other’s homes has made an impact in the mind of every person. It is assumed that social distancing might become a relevant trend all over the world. Along with this, the lockdown has also affected the minds of the young generation in a quite harmful manner. It has been observed that there has been an evolution of “lockdown depression”. It has been educational to a great extent but future implementation will harm the subconscious of the younger generations.

As per the study in mainland China that most of the divorce cases have raised after the lockdown period. But at the same time, the children of the working parents have seen a rare display of parental affection during this time. The time has been instrumental in shaping human relationships.

2. Effects on the economy

It has been seen that there has been a loss of value of currency all over the world. Web businesses have thrived during this time because of the times they have spent at home. The Chinese market has suffered the most during this time. The regression has costed the Chinese market of their credibility in the world business and this is going to make serious changes in the financial year. The economic crisis has affected the flight business as well. The flight prices are likely to rise after the lockdown is over. The production delays will be observed and this will be affecting the world market. It has been reported by the Apple group that they are likely to face production delays with the present conditions.

after-effects of Pandemic

Positive after-effects of Pandemic – Coronavirus lockdown

With some bad effects, the lockdown during this pandemic has brought a few good things too. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1. Effects on the Environment

With the rise of pollution all around, the world has seen that social distancing can help to protect nature from further pollution. We see how no vehicles are allowed on the streets, which plays a major role in controlling air pollution. This, in turn, decreases the noise pollution, as there are no honking or traffic jams. This has resulted in the sudden appearance of birds, which means the earth along with its fauna is healing. No boats and no humans intervening in the water bodies mean the rivers are cleaner, thus the fish have returned to the sea. While the economical effects we see are devastating, the environmental effects help us focus on the brighter side.

2. Cleaner River Water

With the lockdown being announced in several parts of the world, we are seeing various rivers getting cleaner by themselves, which indeed, is a big achievement. The Yamuna and Ganges, for example, are blooming and now flowing through with comparatively cleaner water which authorities have been trying to do for so many years using various methods. Officials say this is due to the COVID-19 lockdown of nearby industries and people not directly polluting the water bodies. If these actions are continued even after the end of lockdown, we would have significantly more clean rivers all over the world and with fewer costs than would otherwise be required.

3. Revolution in Healthcare industry and its goods

Even though the healthcare industry has faced a lot of pressure during the pandemic. Few good things are that the world now has more hospitals set up (even if temporary). With the knowledge of the number of additional health care goods required during emergency situations. While countries are helping each other right now, we can proudly foresee the future and say that the healthcare industry will always be ready for emergency situations like these, if any, in the future. It has been observed that traditional business patterns have decimated while the modern web-dependent business has thrived. Keeping this in mind, most of the investors must aim to work on the digital field which works even when curfew prevails.

Final Words

So with all the negative news bombarding our minds. It is safe to say that even in situations like these, we have an option to focus on the brighter side. While taking all necessary precautions and doing our part in this pandemic. These were some of the after-effects of Pandemic – Coronavirus. The world is facing a tough time. We should try to be strong and work together to restore ourselves. We must remember our song “We Shall Overcome”.

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