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Best Places For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Near Delhi

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Best Places For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Near Delhi

November 4, 2019 Discover 1
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Will you be getting married soon? Didn’t already decide places for a pre-wedding photoshoot? The places for a pre-wedding photoshoot is not rare in India. You just need to find a perfect place. And we have a number of suggestions for places for your pre-wedding photoshoot. There are so many places in India with natural beauty. The resorts present are very pretty for shooting too. The budget plans must be planned very carefully. The valuation might be a bit more. But if you plan carefully, you can get a pretty good space for proper photographs.

Famous Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Places Near Delhi

Surely, nature will embrace your love in these places. You will find your dream place. They are as follows:

Humayun’s Tomb

This place is a wonderful location for soon to be married couples. Soon to be tied in knots couples can have their photoshoot in the Mughal background. The beautiful gardens and the ancient structure makes a beautiful destination to click your photographs.



The stunning visual backdrop will add romance to your photograph and make beautiful memories. The fountains, the dark buildings, and the red stones will give a fine age-old feeling to your romantic shoot.

Hauz Khas Fort & Lake

Hauz Khas is the haunting ground of Gen Y because of the presence of several clubs and restaurants. But what is actually surprising that the Hauz Khas Fort which has a beautiful place located behind all these clubs. The building is a remnant of the Sultanate period during the Allaudin Khilji.

pre-wedding photoshoot

The background has a beautiful lake and a stunning view. The place is especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset. The ethereal light around the area is beautiful. The entire area is illuminated by a romantic light. It is a perfect destination for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

What can be better than a place brimming with life and green for the fresh and beautiful life you are going to begin. The grass shines with dewdrops and the leaves are beautifully shining with fresh life. The surroundings of Okhla Bird Sanctuary. It is home to about 302 species of birds and is located near Noida.

pre-wedding photoshoot

The place is also a heaven for photographers because of the natural light and soothing surroundings. The place opens at seven in the morning. It is best if you schedule your shoot in the morning when everything is vibrant with morning glory.

Photo Paradise

This place is a wonderful destination for pre-wedding photographs. This place has a good number of professional photographers who are the best option in Delhi for your photoshoot.


The place is colorful with a blasting assortment of hues. This will be a perfect venue for your pre-wedding romantic shoot. You can also enjoy a good day out in this program.

Spiti & Lahaul Valley, Himachal Pradesh

This place is one of the best places for pre-wedding shoots in Himachal Pradesh. The place is filled with natural elements for your photographs. The snow, the mountains, the blue sky, and the pretty surroundings. All of these contribute to the romantic atmosphere.

pre-wedding photoshoot

Himachal Pradesh is a pretty place for any kind of photograph. The pre-wedding couples would be more fascinated with the places around Himachal Pradesh. The place will make them fall in love all over again.

Nalagarh Fort

This a fort a bit far from Delhi. It is a beautiful place to get your pre-wedding photographs shot. The Fort is an ancient building with stunning surroundings.

pre-wedding photoshoot

The backdrop is gorgeous. There are hill resorts with photogenic scenes which add specific romanticism to the photographs. Nalagarh Fort is the best place for photography, in an Environment of love at the foothills of the Himalaya.


Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is also called the queen of hills. It is a beautiful spot on the valleys of Himalayas. There are several spots for pre-wedding photography. The photoshoot can be done on any of the tourist spots or even in any of the resorts in Shimla.

All kinds of backdrops are found in Shimla. From mountains to forest areas, there are several places to get your prenuptial photographs. The weather is an amiable room. And who knows, you will find one of these places to be your honeymoon venue. Just pack some warm clothes or you’ll get a bad cold before your marriage.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some pretty places for getting romantic photographs in India. These are the best places for pre-wedding shoot in Delhi and in Himachal Pradesh. Plan very well and get a good photographer team. Have a good trip. We assure you these places will provide you perfect photographs. Enjoy your trip. These aesthetic places will give you a wonderful romantic feeling. We hope the best for your married life. For more details, visit Eat&Explore section.


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