Top 5 nightclubs you must visit in Delhi.

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Nights are vibrant and exciting. Parties are to be enjoyed at night with full fervor and joy. A nightclub is an apt place for a partying with your colleagues, friends or girlfriends. Night clubs are the best places to visit in a metropolitan. New Delhi has a number of clubs to visit. The best ones are:

Kitty Su

This nightclub of New Delhi is ranked among the best of 100 nightclubs of Asia. It is the new red for the Gen for party venues. The place is casual with a variety of offers for the youngsters to have a good time. The reason for the success of Kitty Su is the fact that it is really cozy and sophisticated. The nightclub is well designed with a number of colorful psychedelic lights on the ceiling. The place has the look of a brightly lit den in a magical wonderland. The club is luxurious with plush furniture and modern designs. It has a good music system with a professional DJ group.

Kitty Su is located in Lobby Level of The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba Rd, Connaught Place, New Delhi. The place serves wines and beer of exotic varieties.



Privee is a splashy nightclub of New Delhi. It has a very good music system and a wonderful group of staff. The staff clientele relationship is amicable in nature. The place has an additional option of food facilities along with drinks. It is decorated with chunky colors and luxurious furniture. The dance floor is a quadrat with millenniums of light fragments when the DJ blares. The club is well known for the part facilities. It had wheelchair access in each of its segments. This makes the place even more friendly.

Privee nightclub is located at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, Ashoka Rd, Connaught Place, New Delhi. It is a stylish place with modern incorporations in interior designs. Certainly, a place to celebrate your success party with your old gang of friends.


Lithiyum is a place for your daily brunch and night out parties. The place has an ambient light arrangement and the surroundings are comparatively calmer than other night clubs. The food is excellent with a number of foreign delicacies. The team of workers is old and experienced in the business of managing a nightclub. The sound system is good and plays mostly trance music at a low pace which gives the nightclub a serene atmosphere. ou can take your family to this club without any second thoughts because the ambiance is quite friendly for all. A bar is present which offers cocktails and mocktails. Lithiyum is good for access on most of the weekdays.

Lithiyum is located in The Ashok, B-50, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. it is trendy and with a kind of romantic ambiance. You can take your date to this place if she doesn’t like loud places and the staff is really good.

Club BW


Are you up for clubbing at night only? Well, club BW is a perfect option for you. Club BW opens up for visitors at 9 pm. It is a flashy bar with elements fit for a night along with the party. The pace is casual and fun. There is no dress regulation as such. A well-furnished bar is present with a number of drinks. The offer prices on the days of celebration are very significant and attractive. The staff is good and supportive. The club has a god DJ which plays tracks according to the choice of customers. The dance floor is monochromatic psychedelia which stuns the clients in its royalty.

Club BW is located in Ground Floor of Suryaa Hotel, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Marg, New Delhi. Watch out for your wallet. This club is quite expensive. Budget well to enjoy full-fledged.



With a number of flashy drinks and colorful mojitos, Hype is a perfect place for binging out your friends and acquaintances. The assortment of beer and wine available at this club is huge. There are a variety of soft drinks available at the bar. The dance area is perfect for Gen Y. Wheelchair access is present in this club. The atmosphere is casual and cozy. The name suggests energy. The vibes of the club portray this too.
The club Hype is located in American Plaza, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019. Walk-in with your friends. Enjoy with them throughout the night. It is a good place to visit with friends on a Saturday night and party till the late hours.

What are you waiting for? Dress up your best and strap up your shoes. Jump into these clubs and enjoy your nights. Dance all along. Live the night, you’ll love it.


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