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The Tale Of Maa Durga

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The Tale Of Maa Durga

September 29, 2019 Discover 2
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The festival of Navratri is celebrated two times a year and the celebration of this holy festival has a great story behind it. This story must be known to all those who practice this festival with prayers and spirituality. Durga pooja is celebrated in Bengal whereas, in other parts of India, people call it Navratri. 

Mythological Significance Of Durga Puja

Durga Puja has become a festival that has an ancient mythological significance. It is the celebration of the victory of justice over evil. The legend behind Durga puja also known as Navratri is based on the victory of Maa Durga against Mahishasura. Mahishasura was an evil king. His father Ramba made the Lord Agni happy with his severe penance. He impressed Lord Agni with this gesture and as a consequence, he demanded a boon for his son. He demanded Lord Agni to make his son invincible so that no one can destroy him. Ramba married Mahishi who was a princess and was cursed to be a water buffalo. She gave birth to a son and he was named



Maa Durga


Since his mother was a buffalo he attained the powers through which he could change his forms to humans, buffalo, and other animals. His parents died soon after his birth. His relatives told him about his invincible powers. He wanted to reclaim his powers to assure that he is the most powerful being. He conducted a penance and got his powers from Lord Brahma. However, he started misusing his powers and destroyed all the kingdoms. His powers fetch him such privileges that even Lord Indra and other deities felt subjugated by his evil practices and they were unable to do anything.

Mahishasura’s End

When they approached Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh for rescue, Maa Durga appeared and told them about the solution. 

Mahishasura could not be destroyed by any man or God but he can be killed by a goddess. She took the weapons from all gods and the three goddesses called Laxmi, Parvati and Saraswati merged into one. Maa Durga went into an ashram of a priest called Katyayan. She made a pronouncement that she is Katyayni, I am Durga( in Sanskrit means invincible) and I am the incarnation of Mahadevi who has appeared here to destroy the evil. Her voice brought a rumbling effect across three worlds, various oceans.


Maa Durga


She appeared in front of Mahishasura and Mahishasura became aware that he needs to fight her back. He called up his giant army and Maa Durga relentlessly fought with all of them. She came sitting on a lion given by the god of the mountains. Later Mahishasura brought his personal army and Maa Durga conducted a penance to call for her own army. Her army destroyed all of them. But Mahishasura now changed into Buffalo and tried to defeat Maa Durga’s army. He failed in all his attempts and at last Maa Durga killed him with his sword. 

Mahadevi’s Graciousness

The evil tried various tactics to save himself from Maa Durga but all went in vain. The gods watched her battle and were overjoyed and bowed down to her. They called Mahadevi their protector and mother who became the savior of all their troubles.

Maa Durga

Mahadevi was named Mahishasuramardini by the gods and they returned to their abode after singing her praises. Lord Rama conducted Maa Durga’s prayers before visiting Ram’s Lanka to pray for his victory. Since then, the festival of Navratri is celebrated twice a year.


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