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How To Efficiently Organize Your Wardrobe

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How To Efficiently Organize Your Wardrobe

November 2, 2019 Vogue 0
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Wardrobes are one of the most essential amenities of a household. It is very important for a house to look good both from the outside as well as inside and wardrobes can be considered an object of interior decoration which serves a lot of other important purposes which are discussed below in this article. A man creates his first impression by the way he dresses and hence the wardrobe serves as the house of a man’s first impression. Arranging a wardrobe can help a person become more responsible and organized in his real and practical life as well. Similarly decorating a room by making it look good with a beautiful piece of furniture can give a person a sense of pleasure every time they enter the room.

Make your island

Saving space to keep things in your wardrobes efficiently will require that you become extremely organized in setting an island space in your wardrobe. Learn to keep things in an organized way by making specific chambers for each particular thing.


Keep the same types of things in the same corner of the wardrobe. In this way, your mind will get coordinated to keep things in mind about what is kept where in your wardrobe. This would also make your wardrobe look clean and tidy.

Use the vertical space

The horizontal space cannot be utilized much in any case. The vertical shelves can hold lots of items and keep them in a very proper sense. The vertical space can accommodate more and more things because the wardrobe extends in a direction that proliferates upwards. The horizontal space cannot be expanded but the vertical one can be. This makes shelves in your wardrobe in a vertical rise so that more things can be kept or stored in it.

Utilization of space

Space utilization is very beautiful art to learn. The maximum utilization of space can be done by keeping the materials according to their size in the wardrobe.

To keep the largest items at the bottom and folding the smaller ones to keep at the top is a very efficient method of saving space in a wardrobe. The proper stacking of things in a wardrobe can provide lots of utilizing space in your wardrobe.

Organization by type

Organize everything in your wardrobe by type. For example, if you have a number of skirts, keep them in a single space. If you have shirts, keep them on hangers in a single space. This will always save space and makes a clear picture in your mind about which object is being kept in which location. Type keeping always makes your wardrobe look very clean and also assists in remembering the exact location of the clothes kept in.

Drawer system

Try buying wardrobes with drawers. In this way, you can keep smaller jewelry or other small decorative items in a single space. This will keep things safe. Ear studs or nose studs are lost easily. When you keep them in a drawer, you can keep them safe and like every other point, you can remember where you have kept them.


The wardrobe will be better to use if the drawers are labeled as well. Not in big letters which will destroy the beauty of the wardrobe but in small and colorful methods which will help you to remember the space allotted for every specific item

Hang the lighter items

Lighter items should always be hung on hangers. The methods serve two purposes.


The space in the wardrobe is better utilized and the lighter things which are more prone to getting creased are also kept in a proper manner. This is a very efficient way of handling clothes and space simultaneously. 

Folding of heavier clothes

Clothes like jeans and trousers can be folded. They never get any creases. When you fold them, most of them can be pressed to accommodate more and more clothes. This is very effective in saving space.


Placement of shoes

The shoes can be kept at the bottom of a wardrobe on the base. The base can be made into a platform that can hold your footwear. This too can be arranged according to type.


The shoes must be kept in a space that does not experience damps easily. Damps are very harmful to both clothes and shoes. The dampness may cause serious fungus accumulation which will ruin all textiles in the wardrobe.

Few Final Words

The above methods can help you arrange and build an organized interior of your wardrobe and your room as well.  Maintaining an arranged wardrobe is very useful for anyone. In times of hurry, the clean and organized wardrobe can help you find your attire quickly. Thus, follow up these methods and learn to save your space and time. Buckle up and get into arranging. The wardrobe is going to look amazing once you’re done. For More information, Visit our Vogue Section.


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