5 Simple Photographs with Mind-Blowing Backstories

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5 Simple Photographs with Mind-Blowing Backstories

September 7, 2019 Discover 0
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Photographs, rather memories people like calling it. Everyone is always on the edge to create a happy moment and then capture it the same preceding way. Photographers are on a move, like forever, to get those rare moments of life. 

But do you ever wonder the story that lies deep within a frame where you see things all merry and bright? Is everything really that bright, do pictures really speak volumes, the part of the story which gets left behind?

Photographs with Mind-Blowing Backstories

1. Sandra Gill

Did you visualize a woman, probably a model sneaking into the camera for a candid? It is Sandra Gill who awaits in a long line of visitors. She is just standing at the premises of Krome Detention Center in Miami, to meet her held husband. She and her 5 years old kid were released with orders to travel back to Colombia in a couple of weeks.

2. Columbine class of 1999

What looks like a picture of another happy bunch of high – school students. It was actually a premonition for what was to happen a few weeks later. In the top left of the picture, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold posing as if holding guns, actually went on to carry through a mass shooting, killing 12 students and a teacher. 


3. President Carter’s official portrait

This simple-looking portrait of US President Carter was actually the first one to have ever been shot officially. It was breaking the tradition which had Presidents getting an official painting, not photograph. It was shot by famous black and white landscape photographer Ansel Adams. The photograph was controversial as a trend breaking move.

4. Gandhi with Charkha 

 A very common picture in our textbooks, this portrait of Gandhi by Margaret Bourke-White has an amazing back story to it. Gandhi’s associates made it clear to Margaret that she would only be able to compose a picture of Gandhi with Charkha if she learns how to use it. Needless to say, she accepted the offer.

5. Happy couple

While it may sound unsettling to us now, Death photography was popular during the Victorian era. The picture above is a nineteenth-century click where the husband is posing with his dead wife. She passed away 2 days prior to this. This photography technique was used as a way to immortalize the dead.

Like it is said, a photograph is a frozen frame of memories to cherish forever. Sometimes, they are a reminder of happy, shiny days and sometimes of memories we wish we could bury. But all the photographs have an enticing story behind it, which we should unravel. For more information related to many such discoveries, stay connected with us at Discover

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